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In a recent survey it has been calculated that, including the hidden costs, of moving house amount to not less than 30,000 and it is therefore worth considering whether the upheaval and expense is not put to better use by improving Your present property.

By removing a wall here or adding a partition there, building a kitchen extension or a granny flat above the garage, your present house can be fine tuned to Your individual requirements and turned into a perfect home. And as all our work is always to the highest standards, it will not only immediately improve the household’s quality of life, but it will also add to the eventual resale value of the most important investment in one’s life.

But with a litany of broken promises, completion dates coming and going and the additional worry of spiraling costs, “getting the builders in” is a decision generally acknowledged to be one of the most stressful ones to be undertaken by any household. But We at LazTek Builders have developed a way to lessen the inconvenience and help put our Clients mind at ease!

First we really listen to the client’s needs then, we appoint a Project Manager and finally by drawing on our tradesmen’s many years of experiences, we offer realistic and honest advice on how best to achieve the Client’s dreams in the most efficient and cost effective manner!

And as long we carry out only the work for which we have been contracted, the costs are pegged by our quotation!!

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